The assignment focuses on Impact of Globalization on Business. Also, there is a description of Cultural diversity Analysis. So, provide supporting evidence.

Impact of Globalization on Business – Cultural diversity Analysis

Description In the individual self-reflective essay, the student should. Firstly, focus and examine 3 out of the 5 BBA generic learning outcomes that the student identifies as relatively weak, and provide supporting evidence (e.g. subject results and peer comments); Secondly, integrate and articulate how the work of Capstone Project will or will not help, or has or has not helped, to improve the student’s identified weaknesses, and thirdly, give justifications for entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Impact of Globalization on Business – Cultural diversity Analysis

The five BBA generic learning outcomes are: Firstly, communicate effectively in English, Putonghua and written Chinese, at a level appropriate for business purposes and general conversation; Secondly, demonstrate a global outlook and understand cultural diversity, globalization and their implications for business; (c) Apply creative thinking in the business setting; (d) Identify and respond appropriately to ethical issues as they arise generally and in the business setting; (e) Adopt an entrepreneurial perspective, identifying and evaluating business opportunities as they arise.

Impact of Globalization on Business – Cultural diversity Analysis

Globalization has been a boon to businesses, consumers and the Western economy as a whole. Now, however, we are at risk of having a backlash against globalization and all the opportunities that increasing economic freedom has provided us with over the past decades. There is a new anxiety running through Western societies that challenges previous perceptions about freer trade as a win-win for every country. There is rather a proliferating suspicion that globalization may have been great for some countries, but not for others, and that it is affluent countries in the West that have drawn the shortest straw.

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