The assignment explores Impact of Media And Ideology Opinion. Also, there is a description of Social Political Movements Campaigns. So, discuss either the Matrix trilogy.

Impact of Media And Ideology Opinion – Social Political Movements Campaigns

The following question is required to be answered with the word count attached to the question: Discuss either the Matrix trilogy. Thank You for Smoking in relation to concepts introduced in this unit and this course. (400) I have referenced the questions that  previously answered from the other unit questions that answered. I would like the question to focus on the movie. Thank You for Smoking. Reitman, J. (Dir.). (2005) Thank you for smoking. Los Angeles: Room 9 Entertainment, TYFS Productions & ContentFilm. 

Miller, D. & Dinan, W. (2008). A century of spin: How public relations became the cutting edge of corporate power. London: Pluto Press.

Impact of Media And Ideology Opinion – Social Political Movements Campaigns

Socialists define propaganda as the dissemination of persuasive information that no truthful intentions. Miller and Dinan (2008) would define propaganda as the unity of purposeful communication and action as a better term than spin or span. In many cases, propaganda is used negatively to refer to the spreading of false information that ensures a person shamed while the source viewed positively. For instance, persuasive political campaigns are carried out to lash on competitors so that the campaigner wins the election. False information spread to defame one participant at the mercy of another. Other relevant examples advertisements meant to promote one product at the expense of another, political commercials and signs.

Impact of Media And Ideology Opinion – Social Political Movements Campaigns

Social movements the mirror of the prevailing political situation in a state. Civic campaigns and actions project the political achievements and shortcomings that citizens experience. Thus, people use campaigns to voice what they feel wrong in society. For instance, the recent movement of #BlackLivesMatter# is an excellent example of the grievances that black people face in the hands of the white. Neutrally, such campaigns appear as propaganda yet guide the studies on social movements. The investigations surrounding such an attack will entail both the grievances of a black man and the brutality among police forces in various countries. As it comes out, one campaign or propaganda may stir other relevant conversations that are necessary for a country’s prosperity.

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