The assignment describes the Impact of Mental Diversity in Business. Also, there is a description of Management Behavior and Decision Making. So, focus on reduction in anxiety.

Impact of Mental Diversity in Business – Management Behavior and Decision Making

Description. Firstly, what is the impact of mental diversity in business management and decision making. Secondly, factors influencing management behavior: Personal (age and life cycle stage, economic situation,lifestyle,personality and self concept), Social (reference groups, family,Roles and status), Cultural (culture, subculture,social class) and Psychological ( Motivation, perception, learning, beleifs and attitudes)
Mental health is important at every stage of life.
Positive effects/benefits of mental health in management and leadership (impact of positive mental management and business success)

Impact of Mental Diversity in Business – Management Behavior and Decision Making

Reduction in anxiety.
Improved moods.
Clearer thinking.
A greater sense of calm or inner peace.
Increased self-esteem.
Reduced risk of depression.
Improvements in relationships
Optimism that leads to achievement & business success. Organizations need managers who are able to contribute significantly to the attainment of organizational goals. It is therefore necessary for organizations to select, train, develop and promote people who will be able to make such a contribution. The question “what makes a manager effective” remains largely unanswered, despite numerous studies of managerial behavior, management styles and managerial effectiveness. Such studies have shown us what managers do and how they do things, but the effectiveness of these actions is still elusive.

Impact of Mental Diversity in Business – Management Behavior and Decision Making

Important conclusions from these studies are firstly that situational factors are generally considered important in determining effectiveness. Secondly, effective managers have a broad repertoire of behaviors at their disposal. Finally, effective managers use situational factors to determine which behavior is appropriate in a particular setting.

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