For this constructed-response assignment, you will:

Review the constructed-response writing prompt with your mentor, asking them for their advice or what they would do in the given situation.

Conduct state (Florida) and national-focused research in the constructed-response focus area to better understand the requirements of the response.
Complete 2 pg fulfilling each aspect of the constructed-response writing prompt.

Ensure the constructed response reflects evidenced-based practices and scholarly writing strategies, adhere to APA formats, and include any attachments (if necessary)


Illegal drugs are increasingly prevalent in schools, with a new fad drug coming along every few years. Currently, many schools are grappling with the effects of opioid and fentanyl abuse by both students and within the larger school community.

Conduct preliminary research on how schools respond to this crisis (a quick internet search will deliver all the information you need). Then, think about how you would, as a school principal, address the impact of opioids and fentanyl on your school community and how you would work with your school community to implement this plan.”

Using the information about opioids and their abuse you gathered from research, construct a one-page memo addressed to your school parent group (PTA, PTO, etc.) outlining your plan to address the complex challenges presented by opioids in our educational community. Be sure to include relevant statistics and action steps school staff will take in the coming year. Support findings with at lease 3 empirical  articles.