The assignment discusses the Impact of the Compensation Policy. Besides, there is a description of Employee voice and job satisfaction. So, ensure that the right results are produced.

Impact of the Compensation Policy – Employee voice and job satisfaction

Firstly, impact of the Compensation Policy on the Motivation Level of Employees Working on behalf of B.T. at Concentrix in Bredbury. Secondly, in modern business, employees have become the key strength of any organisation where they offer their continuous efforts to drive the firm’s decisions into action to attain its goals (Gupta and Shaw, 2014). The aspect of motivation evolving into a part of the organisational strategy. Kumar, Hossain, and Nasrin (2015) define motivation as the degree to which a person wants and opts to get involved in particular defined behaviours. On the other hand, Shakeel and But (2015) define motivation as the process of arousing and sustaining behaviour that oriented to the goals of the organisation. Both aspects, choosing and wanting, must exist for motivation to be achieved.

Impact of the Compensation Policy – Employee voice and job satisfaction

Psychology provides various rationales concerning the nature of motivation. Following these rationales, several theories refer to the motivation aspect as what motivates employees and how to manipulate that process for the sake of the organisational needs. According to Ozguner and Ozguner (2014), one of the most researched but least understood motivation theory  Maslow’s Hierarch Theory of Needs. Maslow established one of the most recognised and perfect explanations of the motivation using his hierarchy of needs (Ganta, 2014). Nimri, Bdair, and Al Bitar (2015) consider expectancy motivation theory is part of the process theory that focuses on motivating employees by considering three significant factor including motivation due to outcome, motivation due to self-belief, and motivation due to valence.

Impact of the Compensation Policy – Employee voice and job satisfaction

This is to ensure that the right results are produced.

Contemporary approach assessment issues

• Raise in the complexity of the environment

• Increase in factors


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