Impact of the problem on the micro,  mezzo, and macro systems

  1. Scenario: You are the director of a large, multi-service social service agency in a community of 75,000 within your home state that generally serves the very poor, people impacted by a disaster or crisis, and the seriously mentally ill.  Your agency also provides information and referral services to people in need of other services.

Within the recent month, the mayor has announced that two major companies—one a solar panel manufacturing company and one a computer technology company –will be setting up business in the coming six months.  The financial impact of these companies, including construction, line assembly, managerial and other new jobs, is predicted to be substantial.  Local hiring is to begin one year from today.  A few clients of your agency are excited about the job opportunities, but a larger number of clients are concerned about needing job training and about how making more money might impact their participation in TANF, school lunch programs for their children, or other income or household assistance programs…

Your essay should include the following headings and number of pages:

  1. Impact of the problem on the micro,  mezzo, and macro systems (up to two pages): Clearly indicate some of the challenges you anticipate within the micro, mezzo, and macro systems. List two possible problems that might arise for each of these system levels (total six problems).
  2. Theoretical Foundations: Use two of the theoretical perspectives from the table below (encountered in SW9961-Social Work Theory) to address the following:
  3. First, explain your understanding of the foundational theoretical issues of the general context of the scenario using the two theoretical perspectives you select. This needs to speak to the macro-, mezzo-, and micro- level conditions and processes that are implicated in the scenario. (No more than two pages.)

Quick Response

One of the challenges I anticipate includes discrimination based on qualification for the community members to be involved in the technology company. This discrimination will also arise due to the uncertainty of the mentally ill citizens in the community(Lundy & Janes, 2009). The first theoretical perspective that can be used to address the challenges facing the population includes a strengths perspective approach. The approach focuses on an individual’s self-determination and strength. That is achieved by encouraging positivity by empowering them to handle a specific task. Another theoretical approach entails the community development theory, which seeks to identify lasting change for individuals and their respective communities. It focuses on the community with social problems…

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