The assignment talks about Mental Health Issues. Moreover, there is a description of Impact on Social-emotional Wellbeing Theory. So, what are some social factors which cause their mental health issues?

Mental Health Issues – Impact on Social-emotional Wellbeing Theory

Firstly, to complete this task, you must use the set readings and the case study materials provided below listed as Readings 1-6. You absolutely do not need to use them all. And you can cite 1 or 2 only once if you would like. You may also find your own academic readings. I will attach what I believe is pertinent recent useful information that can used to keep you from doing further research. Please see additional attached documents which I think better than most of the documents below.  This Case Study/Essay scenario based: you should imagine that you are employed by the Federal Government, tasked with investigating the causes — and potential solutions — to the mental health issues faced by your Indigenous community. 

Mental Health Issues – Impact on Social-emotional Wellbeing Theory

This Case Study requires you to successfully identify the social causes of  in Australian society, with a focus on the links between inequality, power and social change . You can relate these issues to any sociological theory or perspective (functionalism, conflict theory, intersectionality, structuralism, Karl Marx, Weber, Spencer, Durkheim, etc)

In addition, you will tasked with making at least three recommendations to improve mental health in Australia ( I have attached a document that will make this easy), focusing particularly on how can improved for the Indigenous community. Your case study must respond to the following questions:


1.What are the mental health issues faced by the group?

 Mental Health Issues – Impact on Social-emotional Wellbeing Theory

2.What is the prevalence/extent of the problem within the group?


3.How do  negatively impact their everyday life?


4.What some social factors which cause.  (Note these social causes should linked to the concepts of inequality, power or social change.)


5.What are your recommendations as to how their could be addressed?

Detailed Instructions


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