You will format your paper as instructed below.


Clinical Question: Clinical Bottom Line: Keywords:

Introduction/Clinical Scenario

Write your introduction/clinical scenario here. Approximately 2 paragraphs in length. Include in-text citations to support your scenario.

Focused Clinical Question
Write your question here.

Search Strategy

Identify search strategy, can be listed as bullets, Figure 1 (see information below) will be cited here but included at the end of the manuscript. You will identify your inclusion/exclusion criteria here
Evidence Quality Assessment

Identify which assessment strategy was used on selected articles (i.e. PEDro, STROBE, etc.)

Results of Search

Summarize the results of your search, typically 1 paragraph.

Results of Evidence Quality Assessment
Provide a brief summary of the evidence scores for each article; issues/concerns that caused the article to “lose points” on the selected assessment strategy.

Clinical Bottom Line
This is a brief, 1 paragraph, summary answering your clinical question using your selected articles.

Strength of Recommendation
Provide a brief statement regarding the strength of recommendation for implementing into clinical practice.

Implications for Practice, Education, and Future Research
This is the bulk of your paper. You will need to discuss the clinical implications, how to implement findings into practice, educational needs/strategies, and direction for future research. This section is typically 4-6 paragraphs in length.