For your final essay, you will take and explain your position on the main idea of Jean M. Twenge’s

article, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” In the essay, you will incorporate other related

sources in the provided discourse to help explain and support your position.


In your thesis, please provide your direct position on Twenge

‘s ideas. Have smartphones destroyed a



 Before your thesis, in the introduction, make sure to contextualize the topic and Jean

Twenge’s article (summarize main point and discuss the audience, genre, intent, and tone of the

piece). In the body, make sure to either highlight strengths or weaknesses of support in Twenge’s

article and/or provide ideas Twenge doesn’t consider and should. 

When responding directly to

Twenge, make sure to direct quote relevant parts of her article and respond to them.

While doing this, make sure to use at least two of the three other provided sources to help support