Increased globalization has created new challenges for law enforcement managers

Increased globalization has created new challenges for law enforcement managers. The student will (a) select a topic that is current and relevant to the challenges facing law enforcement organizations, (b) research the issue(s), (c) apply the theories and concepts from the course material to critically analyze the issue(s), and (d) provide recommendations and appropriate responses by law enforcement organizations to resolve the issue(s)\

Quick Response

The legal and regulatory structure is directly influenced by globalization, especially through multinational corporations. The enhanced avenues for conducting business overseas has influenced the legal considerations, especially where foreign direct investments are identified to have increased. Legal expertise is required to promote the ability of the organization to adhere to the rule of law in the host nation. This challenge influences law enforcement within and among the organizations. According to the theory of Legal Reasoning, any company should be motivated to explore the relevant facts, legal rules, as well as the acceptable and ethical application of the rules when investing in a foreign land(Lipshaw, 2017). In this case, the reasoning should be solely be based on exploring moral judgments and implementing them respectively…

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