Assignment: Students Write a memo in regard to the included 6 topics below. In a paragraph, write in a paragraph or two: insight on the topic and provide recommendations for policies that business recognize with the topic.

You were recently hired as a consultant by a newly formed company that is in the process of developing its ethics program. The company’s top executives are minimally aware of several recent issues and events that they believe will have an impact on the policies they are developing; however, they would like more information.  

You are tasked with writing a memo to the company’s executives providing: (1) insight into each of the topics listed below as they relate to the public’s expectation of business behavior. (2) Further, they have requested that you provide recommendations for policies that demonstrate the recognition of the interdependence of business and society as a whole.

Topics to include:

Impact of the #MeToo movement

Influence of the Business Roundtable Statement

Oil spills and other environmental malfeasance

Political propaganda

Corporate social responsibility reporting

LGBTQ equality

Your memo should adhere to APA formatting guidelines for all references and in-text citations and include at least 2 pages of content (excluding reference and title pages).