Information Technology Management Getting Started

Corporate culture can have a profound effect on how the company operates, how it deals with the public, and how it reacts to opportunities in the industry. A company might have a recognition culture to celebrate successes or be socially conscious about feeding the hungry in the world, or giving away a pair of socks like Bombas to the needy when they sell a pair.


What makes a consumer want to keep coming back to a specific company? Why would someone try so hard to find a job with a specific company?

How does company culture affect buying products from a company or wanting to work for that company?


In this assignment, the reading will help clarify what culture should look like from both a view of an enticing culture and more importantly a Biblical virtuous culture.


Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:


Describe the Virtuous Business Model and provide characteristics to produce a virtuous environment for those you manage.