Informational Interview Reflection

You have researched and read about various career options, narrowed down your occupational interest areas, and spoken with professionals in your fields of interest to gain inside perspectives. Now it is time to reflect on what you have learned to determine if the career you discussed with a professional is a good fit for you.AssignmentAfter completing your informational interview, you will upload a 2-3 page critical reflection paper to Canvas discussing what you learned and how the career relates to or differs from your interests, skills, and values. Think critically about how this career may or may not fit you.NOTE: Any method of communication other than in-person, over the phone, or via Skype must be pre-approved by your instructor. Additionally, you may NOT interview a professor, parent, immediate family member, or current student (at UNL or elsewhere) for this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to help you expand your network.RequirementsFormatting Requirements:•Typed or uploaded as a Word (.doc, .docx) document – Papers written and submitted in a word processor not compatible with Microsoft cannot be accepted.•Page requirements are full pages. Since the page requirement is a minimum of 2 pages, that means 2 full pages, not 1 ½ pages.•1- inch margins•12-point, Time New Roman font•Header with name, student ID, and date – single-spaced•Double-spaced contentBasic Information: After the header of your paper, please provide the following information before beginning your critical reflection•Name of person interviewed•Position and Employer/Company of person interviewed•Contact information for the person interviewed (phone and/or email address)•Date interviewed•How you connected with the person you interviewed (Employer in Residence booth, family friend, etc.)Critical Reflection: Address the following questions in the main body of your informational interview reflection. If you wish to add additional information, feel free to do so.•How did you find this person to interview? Why did you choose them?

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