Complete the Introducing Natural Elements Template as a record of this experience. Share your natural elements assessment and budget recommendations with your Host Teacher and discuss: 

Whether the ideas you recommended related to infusing nature in your Field Experience setting would be beneficial

 to children and why Your Host Teacher’s thoughts about how nature is infused in their environment and what your

 Host Teacher would like to do to improve this Feedback on the natural element you chose to share with children

 and how children responded to the experience Part 3:

 Field Experience Journal In this Assignment, you learned about the importance of infusing nature into early childhood environments. Use the Field Experience Journal template and write a reflection on your experiences of this Assignment.

 Include your responses to these questions: What is the key takeaway that I have personally learned from this Assignment?

 How did the information I shared about infusing nature into early childhood settings impact my Host Teacher’s thinking?

 How can nature-based environments support discovery, exploration, and learning related to the content areas?

 As an early childhood professional, how would I advocate for the value of nature-based environments for young children?