Innovation & Entrepreneurship : The Elevator Pitch Report

Elevator Pitch Report Elements & Marks Available What is the customer problem/pain being solved?(5) Who are the target customers? (5) What is the solution to the problem/pain i.e. describe the product /service (5) What is the Value Proposition to customers? What are the customer benefits?(5) What is different or unique about the idea? e.g are there gaps in current solutions? (5) What is your competitive advantage? (5) What is the overall Business Strategy? (5) Which media will you focus on using in your marketing communications? (5) how would you make money from this idea- what is the revenue model? (5) Task Guidelines: Your team have an innovative idea for a product or service. You need additional money to enable you to fund the development of your idea. A group of investors in Dubai want to help kick-start new businesses and have requested applications from young entrepreneurs for funding. Your team have to submit an elevator pitch type business report to pitch your idea to the investors for their consideration. It must be in a business report format and be between 3500- 3900 words. You can use images and bullet-pointing in your report. In addition to the marks available for each pitch report element, the following additional marks are available: – For working effectively as a team (5) – How innovative is the idea?(5)

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