Computing innovations impact our lives in ways that require considerable study and reflection to fully understand them. This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore an innovation of your choice. You will then examine the innovation with a critical eye to demonstrate a deep understanding of the innovation, its development, its functionality, its impact or potential for impact on people and society, and its relationship to data and the other big ideas studied in this course. Select a computing innovation to investigate that has had a significant impact on society, economy, or culture. Make sure it is a different computing innovation you discussed in the previous assignment. Discuss the relationship of the innovation to the principles of computer science to convey an understanding of the innovation, particularly the role data plays and the cybersecurity issues that exist. Analyze the innovation’s beneficial and harmful effects. Include at least 2 beneficial and 2 harmful effects with a brief analysis of each. Evaluate overall impact on society, in a field other than computer science. Describe the problem or issue with the way it was done before and how this technology solved or made better