The assignment focuses on Cultural Difference in Healing. Also, there is a description of Institutional Health Care Practices. So, what role can institutions play.

Cultural Difference in Healing – Institutional Health Care Practices

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So, health care providers of all cultures bound by the similar goal of trying to be of help to their patients. Firstly, they want to help and are interested in new ways of doing so. Secondly, collaboration is always key in the provision of services. Often the only barrier to medical knowledge exchange is political and institutional. What the issues regarding resource allocation and sustainability for the multi-cultural exchange of health care knowledge and services? What role can institutions play? Propose a solution.

Cultural Difference in Healing – Institutional Health Care Practices

To consider how information/communications technologies and systems-engineering tools can used to help realize the IOM vision of a patient-centered health care system, we must first understand the challenges facing the U.S. health care system (IOM, 2001). The committee has adapted a four-level model by Ferlie and Shortell (2001) to clarify the structure and dynamics of the health care system, the rough divisions of labor and interdependencies among major elements of the system, and the levers for change. A brief description of the model follows. The remainder of this chapter provides a “systems view” of health care and a brief description of the potential role of information/ communications systems.

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