This assignment focuses on Intellectual Property challenges. There is also an analysis of  patents, copyright and trade secrets. Also, analyze Risk Management of companies in times of Coronavirus.

Intellectual Property challenges : patents, copyright and trade secrets

 Informationen zum Term Paper für den FB7


Abgabetermin: 17 July 2020


Abgabe über: Ilias in “Written Assignment Folder“


Points: 50 Points




Firstly, You must choose one of the two options below.

Secondly,  It must be 1000 words.

Thirdly, Include a word count at the end.

Fourthly,  It must be typed in Arial, font 12, 1.5 spacing.

Fifthly, You must also include a title page with your name, student number and date. So, If no name and student number are on the cover page then marks will be deducted.

. PAGE NUMBERS are to used

7. The term paper will  graded based on the content, organization, evidence (use of sources and

details to support your points) and grammar and vocabulary.


Intellectual Property challenges : patents, copyright and trade secrets

7. Anything which is copied directly from a source must be placed in quotation marks

and referenced (this will not included in the word count). If this is not done you

will automatically fail. So,do not underestimate the teacher we have also have access to the internet and have various tools to check if plagiarism has occurred.

8. The last page must include a bibliography i.e. all sources ae to be listed here that were consulted for the term paper. Also It should include, the Authors’ names, title of the work. Besides, name and date of publisher, page numbers of sources. If source is from the Internet, the complete URL and date when last accessed is required.

9.So,  Your term paper must be uploaded  to the Folder ‘Written Assignment “Any late submissions of term papers will not be evaluated. There are no exceptions.



TOPIC for the Term paper. Choose either topic 1 OR 2


1.      Intellectual Property challenges: patents, copyright, trade mark, trade secrets. (Choose one only).

2.      Risk Management of companies in times of Coronavirus. (Health and safety legislation, employment legislation, insolvency)  

Detailed Instructions


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