The assignment talks about International Security and Strategy. In addition, there is a description of Regional State Sponsor of Terrorism. So, focus should be on Afghanistan.

International Security and Strategy – Regional State Sponsor of Terrorism


Doctoral degree in International Security and Strategy.
Students are to write an assignment on an international security and strategy-related topic that may be historical, contemporary or forward-looking. The dissertation is to be no more than 15,000 words in length.

Within the topic I have provided, Focus should be on Afghanistan, in a context where Pakistan, Iran and others were/ are using their proxies i.e Taliban and other terrorist groups to advance their interest…, as a result of which it prolonged the war on terror because terror elements had all the support, facilities and training they needed from Pakistan, Iran and other regional actors.

International Security and Strategy – Regional State Sponsor of Terrorism

Focus should also be that Afghanistan is a victim of regional and international proxy warfare and that if it would not have been for regional state sponsor of terrorism the would on terror would have ended in Afghanistan sooner, or so called endless wars. We can discuss further. I welcome question.

Research material should be highly credible sources. Academic journals, books and papers. Dissertation should be Oxford style.
Please let me know if you need further explanation. State sponsored terrorism is a growing threat to nations of all sizes and in almost every region of the world. Whether highly industrialized or developing, wealthy or poor, all nations, in some way are adversely impacted by terrorism and the lasting repercussions of terrorist activities. In recent years, terrorist attacks have become more brazen and sophisticated.

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