Literary journalism is difficult work. Not only must the writer incorporate accuracy, conduct research and interviews, and ensure balance, but 

she needs to present the information in a compelling way. The writer builds a piece of literary journalism through the use of plot, scene development, the use of dialogue, the exploration of status markers, and clever use of point-of-view. Above all, writers must edit rough drafts to create the most compelling story possible


For this essay, examine two literary techniques that John Hersey employs throughout Hiroshima. For instance, you can address the way that

 Hersey uses different points of view to give the reader an idea of the kind of place Hiroshima was on the morning of August 6, 1945. Another 

example is the dialogue Hersey includes throughout his storytelling.


Cite at least two sources in addition to Hiroshima. Use material from Telling True Stories by Mark Kramer and Wendy Call to help you in your 

analysis. Include quotes from Hiroshima, Telling True Stories, and other relevant sources to support your arguments. Feel free to include 

information about Hersey’s career as a way to place Hiroshima in a broader historical context.

Check out these 2 files belows . There are Hiroshima and Telling True Stories textbooks.