You will be assessed according to how well you demonstrate, in your answer, the following learning outcomes:


CS1  Demonstrate that you can use appropriate searching and mathematical methods to gather, analyse and interpret scientific data.

CS2  Apply basic mathematics to solve scientific problems.

PPS2  Show that you can work collaboratively and flexibly with others through sharing knowledge, information and data to solve problems and/or obtain a common outcome.

KU1  Demonstrate that you understand current thinking about the key scientific ideas, concepts and principles developed in S112.

a.CS1 and CS2 (20 marks)

In Activity 2.2  Task 1 you investigated the energy of an orbiting planet by using data about the mass, velocity and distance from the sun of that planet at its perihelion and aphelion to calculate potential, kinetic and total energies. You were asked to record your calculations in a Planets activity record document.

You should include in your TMA document:


A table showing your chosen planet’s name, mass, and its distances to the sun and orbital velocities at perihelion and aphelion, together with your calculated values for its potential, kinetic and total energies at these points in its orbit.

Your full workings for your calculations of potential and kinetic energy at both perihelion and aphelion.

b.PPS2 and KU1 (12 marks)


In Activity 2.2 Task 2 you were asked to discuss within your tutor group, the values you calculated for total energy of planets in orbit, and to write a short paragraph reflecting on what you noticed. You were asked to record this paragraph in your Planets activity record document.


You should include in your TMA document:


A short paragraph (no more than 50 words) reflecting the total energy values obtained by your tutor group for planets in orbit, describing what you noticed. You should also provide evidence of your contribution to the tutor group discussion, for example by inserting screenshots into your TMA document.

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