This assignment focuses on Islamic Investments and/or Risk management. There is as well a Real Options Analysis. Then a description of Volatily forecasting / stochastic volatility.

Islamic Investments and/or Risk management : Real Options Analysis

Either 1. Islamic Investments and/or Risk management, or 2. Real Options Analysis , or 3. Volatily forecasting / stochastic volatility

Paper details:

Need it in .tex format The proposal doesn’t have to be too long. So,  like 4/5 pages explaining the idea, the motivation and methodology , with some citations. I told the idea will discussed with me and not worked on before approval. I hope that is correct. So, Let me know if the topic is too broad, I am currently very open and this is why I gave three main areas. Once approved I will need help with writing the actual dissertation as well. Uncertainty is inherent in every financial model.

Islamic Investments and/or Risk management : Real Options Analysis

It is driven by changing fundamentals, human psychology, and the manner in which the markets discount potential future states of the macroeconomic environment. While defining uncertainty in financial markets can quickly escalate into philosophical discussions, volatility s widely accepted as a practical measure of risk. Most market variables remain largely unpredictable, but volatility has certain characteristics that can increase the accuracy of its forecasted values. I didn’t click on Matlab I think that will needed for the actual dissertation but not the proposal.

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