IT Security Compliance on any existing business (Facebook)

Facebook IT Security Compliance.

To begin with, select a company or any existing business(Facebook). Your company wishes to ensure that you know and understand they various regulatory acts they should comply with and understand. In this case, start by providing an overview of the company you have chosen.

Then, describe its current security infrastructure. Secondly, explore the regulations applicable for Security Compliance.

In this regard, you will:

Describe 5 different Federal Regulations your company needs to understand and have compliance. Then, describe 2 different State Regulations your company needs to understand and have compliance. Lastly, discuss how each of these regulations are applicable to the company

Insights on Facebook IT Security Compliance

About Facebook Workplace Security and compliance. 

Facebook takes Security and Compliance requirements seriously and has excluive features. Precisely, our customers around the world can use to comply with their legal, policy, risk, and threat-monitoring requirements.

At a technical level, there are two main Workplace capabilities that support these requirements, each of which are described below in more detail:

  1. Graph API – gives you read access to all user content in your Workplace instance
  2. Webhooks – event-driven notifications that Workplace sends you upon user content changes and user / admin events read more

Recent Facebok security and privacy issues

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