Instructions Summary: Create a tailored version of your resume. It will be tailored to an ONet Online position description of your choosing, but the position should be one you could reasonably apply for when you graduate. You will also compose three paragraphs that describe three of your qualifications or experiences (one paragraph per qualification, attribute, skill, or experience). These paragraphs will serve as versions of what you might say in an interview or add to a cover letter. The following file provides an example of what your qualification summaries might look like: Qualifications Summaries_Job Materials Packet Example.docx

Note: It is unacceptable to copy and paste position descriptions from any source. “Tailoring” your experience entries involves using a few words from the description of the position you are applying to. Tailoring is NOT borrowing full phrases or bullets from a description. My resume is provided below and more instructions are within the files. Please let me know if you any questions.