Learning Goal: I’m working on a java exercise and need support to help me learn.

Task 1:

Demonstrate an understanding of working with bags in Java by implementing a class called ShoppingCart that implements the BagInterfaceMyType in Java. Your implementation should include the following:


  • MyType[] myBag;
  • int numberofProducts;
  • Default_Capacity;


  • Constructor(): initialize bag
  • add() – will be used to add a new entry.
  • toArray() – provides an array of the allocated bag.
  • isFull() – test whether the bag is at the maximum capacity.

Implement a BagDemo that tests your bag implementation class.


  • testAddl() – will add the contents to the Bag.
  • displayBag() – will display the contents of the Bag.

Your deliverables will consist of a zip file with the following:

  • The Java source code with all the required classes.
  • Screenshots of your program’s execution and output.