Jessica ASD Case Assignment: The stressors are they experiencing


Jessica ASD Case: Working with Families-

Ways in which Jessica’s parents and siblings are affected. In this case, the stressors are they experiencing. Then, how is the family functioning differently than if Jessica did not have ASD?
Subsequently,  indentify the strategies that could be employed to support Jessica’s parents and siblings. You will also try to address how practitioners engage families in service delivery.

Jessica ASD Case: Environmental Measures-

Under environmental measures, to begin with, discuss Jessica’s problematic behaviours. In this regard, how would you conduct a functional behavioural assessment on Jessica. In addition, explain what tools would you use. Finally, what hypotheses do you have regarding the function of her behaviour and the factors that are maintaining problematic behaviours?
Certainly, still under environmental measures, you will need to address the Antecedent-based interventions. In particular, the interventions should be effective in addressing the identified behaviours above, and why? You may as well discuss how you would implement at least one of these interventions.

Jessica ASD Case: Applied Behaviour Analysis-

In this case, what ABA techniques would be effective to teach Jessica new skills? Consequently, explain why these techniques are effective. In addition, what verbal behaviour instruction would be most relevant.
Besides, try to explain how could ABA be used to address Jessica’s problematic behaviours. In particular, develop a brief behaviour support plan to address one target behaviour.

Jessica ASD Case: Communication Skills

To begin with, describe Jessica’s communication profile. Equally important, the role of joint attention in her communication, social interaction, and play.
On the other hand, what are the important communication goals for Jessica? In the same way, what intervention strategies would be most appropriate for Jessica to promote her language development? To sum up the communication skills section, decribe joint attention.

Jessica ASD Case: Social Skills

In particular, provide key areas of social difficulties that Jessica experiences. Besides, what features of her social-emotional development compromise her ability to relate?
Equally important, in relation to Jessica’s social-emotional developement, provide strategies that could be used to teach her appropriate social behaviours. Finally, under social skill, illustrate how would you implement the identified strategies.

Jessica ASD Case: Daily Living Skills

In daily living skills, firstly, discuss the needs that Jessica has. Similarly, provide the barriers which are limiting her independence with these living skills.
Moreover, under this section, you may also need to focus on Instructional strategies that would be beneficial for Jessica to increase her independence.  Finally, under daily living skills, how would you promote the generalization of her skills?

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