1. It is always a good idea to annotate as you read, as it stimulates your own personal thoughts and creativity. Specifically, I want you to focus on areas that discuss controversy, change, and significance in Cage’s work and life. You must make at least 5 meaningful annotations in the margins. You must pull three quotes, one for each, and reproduce them in your response.

2. Summarize the essay in at least 150 words.

3. What is the essay? What is the point of the essay, what does it respond to? How effective was it for you? What was your overall response to the article? What interested you? (150 words)

4. Classify the essay. Is it primary or secondary? Reliable, scholarly? Cite the essay in MLA 9. (One or two sentences, plus the citation)

5. Based on the philosophy of Cage that we have learned about in the article, name two musicians whom you think a) align with Cage’s beliefs, and b) would spit on Cage’s shoes. (200 words total, 100 each)