John Sloan, Sixth Avenue & Thirtieth Street, 1907 (text pg. 862, Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Select 2 of the following paintings for a 2-3 page comparison: • John Sloan, Sixth Avenue & Thirtieth Street, 1907 (text pg. 862, Philadelphia Museum of Art) • Edward Hopper, Night Hawks, 1942 (text pg. 888, Art Institute of Chicago) • Jacob Lawrence, No. 49 from the Migration of the Negro Series, 1940-41 (text pg. 889, Phillips Collection) • Grant Wood, American Gothic, 1930 (text pg. 890, Art Institute of Chicago) In discussing the similarities and differences of each painting, explain how the art style, purpose, culture/society and formal elements (color, light, space, line, etc.) contribute or affect message or the artwork – do not just discuss what is seen, but explain how the style and compositional choices contribute to the work and its meaning. In other words, you should draw conclusions for how the choices made by each artist influences or enhances the “mood” or “meaning” of the painting – Is it the same for each painting? If not, how does the subject matter differ? • Include a title and an introduction paragraph with a well-defined thesis statement where you identify the paintings in the first sentence or two – with names of artist, titles in italics and dates, and state the main theme(s) of your comparison. • To assist in your analysis of each, you might consider historical, cultural, moral, and social contexts, attitude, pose, gesture, dress, space they occupy, and their involvement with the viewer, etc. and explain how these are reflected and what they do to the viewer’s understanding of the painting. For instance, does the painting reflect the time in which it was created? How? • Be sure to ORGANIZE your points – each of which should support your thesis. Make an outline and work from a plan. Devote a separate paragraph to each of your points. • Don’t offer your opinion of the art or artists – avoid “beautiful” “masterpiece” and other superlatives. Don’t state that the work is “amazing” or “great artist” – that goes without saying. This paper is not about how much you like or do not like the painting. • Biographical information on the artists is not necessary unless it supports your thesis. FORMAT: 2-3 pages (500-800 words of content), double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins. SOURCES: You must include at least 2 sources (may be from museum or other academic internet sites, JSTOR articles,, and books and publications from the library – NOT Wikipedia). Include citations – (hyperlinks or title and author of written content). For information on writing about art history consult:

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