Make a choice–write about one of the following: 
1. Write about a time when you passed a personal integrity test. Tell about an experience when you were greatly tempted to abandon one of your important values. Describe how you decided to “do the right thing” instead of giving in to the temptation. 
2. Write about a time when you kept a commitment that was difficult to keep. Fully explain the commitment you made to yourself or to someone else. Then discuss the challenges–both inner and outer–that made it difficult for you to keep this promise. Explain how you were able to keep the commitment despite these challenges. 
Asking probing questions leads to meaningful answers. Anticipate questions a curious reader might ask you about your stories . . . and answer them. For example, what effect did your choice have on your self-esteem? 
When you’re finished, upload or share your journal entry. Then hit “Submit Now” to submit this assignment for grading.