PNSG 1520 Journal Review

As students, I am sure you’ve hunted down articles to review because your professor told you to, right? You have completed countless questions pertaining to the content within the article. But how often have your read something and spent the time to give it a long thought as to how this would impact your practice, or if in the situation, how would react? What would you have done differently if you were the nurse in the scenario? There will be times in your nursing practice, no matter the setting, that you question if you are making the right decision, did you give the right medication, did you provide the appropriate and best intervention. Questioning your actions doesn’t make you a bad nurse or an unsafe nurse. But opening yourself up to the possibility of a different outcome if you chose a different action, those are the learning opportunities that will broaden your horizons, provide your perspective, and help you learn to be even better. 

  • Reflection makes all of us self-aware. It challenges us to think deeply about how we learn and why and why not.
  • Reflection deepens ownership. When we reflect, we become sensitive to the personal connection that exists between ourselves, our learning, and our work. The more we consider these connections, the deeper they seem to become. Reflection makes things matter more.
  • Reflection helps us get comfortable with uncomfortable. It also helps us fail forward. It’s through reflection that we’ve discovered our greatest power as a writing community: our collective expertise and our willingness to encourage and celebrate risk-taking.
  • Reflection helps us know ourselves better. It helps us sharpen our vision, so we can align our actions to it. Reflection also helps us notice when we’re getting off track.
  • Perhaps most importantly, reflection helps us advocate for ourselves and support others. Taking the time to reflect enables us to identify what we want, what we need, and what we must do to help ourselves. It also helps us realize how our gifts and strengths might be used in service to others. (Stockman, 2015).

For your journal review assignment (15 points) you can choose to partner up with a classmate. Oftentimes, being able to share your perspective and hear that of another, can spark good discussion. It’s that conversation and the exchange of perspective that we are trying to achieve throughout this assignment. 

Instructions: You will need to find an OB/GYN or maternal child journal review within the last 5 years, from a scholarly source. After you read the review, complete the following discussion questions. It’s okay to have a different view than your partner, in fact, it will be better to have a different view than your partner. Type up your responses (APA 7 for citations) to the following questions.


  1. Provide a summary of the content within your review (3 pts)
  2. Discuss legal and/or ethical considerations involving the care by the nurse or primary provider (3 pts)
  3. Provide any alternative treatments/medications/practices that could have or should have been considered to improve patient outcomes (3 pts)
  4. How did you feel when reading the article? What thoughts were provoked? (3 pts)
  5. If your partner had differing views than yourself, what conversations ensued? (3 pts)

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