Description: write an Op-Ed article, formulating my own argument based on a particular opinion-based article on the journal sites such as Financial post, Economist Magazine, New York Times Economics Blog etc.

1. You are writing for a public forum where other writers and readers can debate and comment on issues so you must present a clear, concise, and interesting argument that uses evidence to support your position 

2. Choose a catchy title to capture your audience’s attention and tell your reader what your main point is. Do this AFTER you’ve written a draft so you actually know what your point it. Read a few articles in The Economist to see examples of catchy titles. 

3. Make your main point early on: introduce your issue and point of view in your first paragraph. Unlike an essay you don’t need a long introduction.

 4. Organize your sentences into short paragraphs (about 3-5 sentences each): As this assignment is only 1-2 pages, you should have 3-6 paragraphs. Do not use one-sentence paragraphs.

 5. Make clear any economic reasoning on which your argument is based. 

6. Support each point with evidence whether in the form of a statistic, an example, or economic reasoning.  

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