Journal 1 :

Explain one example of how you were able to reflect upon your knowledge of Title 22 regulations. Include the regulation that you reflected on, the situation in which you had to adhere to the regulation, and how you think you could use this as an overall teaching and learning experience.

Journal 2:

Explain one example of how you were able to demonstrate your effectiveness with a child who was demonstrating a challenging behavior. Ensure that you discuss the behavior and the strategy that you were able to use to help redirect the childs behavior. Ensure that you also include how you can help to mitigate or prepare the environment to reduce the childs disruptive behaviors. 

Journal 3 :

Please include and discuss in your journal the following items:

  • How you created a responsive, relationship-based environment
  • How you demonstrated your understanding of the aspects of programs that support parents
  • How you used appropriate observation skills to develop appropriate curriculum
  • How you incorporated the elements of quality in infant/toddler care
  • How you were able to provide responsive transitions and routines
  • How you were able to expand on your own self-education/knowledge of early childhood education

How do you think your overall experience in the classroom will aid you in becoming an Early Childhood Educator?

Please provide a minimum of at least 100 words, in APA format (12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial). 

Please also include a reference page if work other than your own is utilized.