Kylie Jenner Cosmetics: Product (depth, breadth of product time, life cycle of product

Students will analyze marketing activities of a company of their choice.  This analysis should cover the major topics as discussed in the course.  The paper should focus on the strategic marketing decisions of a particular product or service.  Students will take the position of a marketing manager for the product or service.  This paper should be at least six pages in length (double-spaced) and will be presented to the class.

A.      Current Strategy description and evaluation of the following:

1.       Product (depth, breadth of product time, life cycle of product

2.       Price strategy

3.       Distribution channels

4.       Promotion Mix, marketing mix(personal selling sales promotion, advertising)

5.       Market positioning

6.       Social media uses, positivity/negativity (if any) in marketing  the company

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