EMEX 286 Hydraulics OCT CRN: 


Task No. 3
  Hydraulic Circuit No. 1:  Measuring the pump characteristic curve


Laboratory:   FESTO Hydraulics
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Eng. Ihab Abdelrahman

In this assignment, the student will build a hydraulic system, this will include:

  • Build hydraulic circuit by using hydraulic workstation. (CLO6,1)
  • Placing the required hydraulic valves and other actuators. (CLO6)
  • Connecting all components according to the hydraulic circuit diagram. (CLO6,1)
  • Checking the circuit against any oil leakage. (CLO5)
  • Operating the circuit achieving the required sequences with the required conditions.   CLO5, 7)


Safety and Commissioning Procedure:

  • Before commissioning, make sure that all tank lines have been connected and that all couplings have been securely fitted.
  • Connecting hose lines
  • Never connect or disconnect hose lines when the hydraulic power unit is running, or while under pressure!

Couplings must be connected in the unpressurised state.

  • Set the coupling socket squarely onto the coupling nipple!

The coupling socket and the coupling nipple must not be fitted askew.

  • Selecting and laying hose lines
  • Select the hose line length such that adequate leeway is available in order to accommodate changes in length which result from pressure.
  • Avoid mechanical stressing of the hose line.
  • Do not bend the hose line into a radius of less than its specified minimum bending radius of 51 mm.
  • Do not twist the hose line during installation.
  • Make sure that hose lines do not become kinked.
  • Switch to pump recirculation by opening the on-off valve.
  • Switch the hydraulic power unit on.
  • Slowly close the on-off valve. Immediately set the pump back to recirculation in the event of leaks.
  • Fully close the on-off valve.
  • Set the pressure-relief valve at the hydraulic power unit to the values specified 









The main spindle of an injection molding machine is driven by means of a hydraulic motor, and feed motion for the tool carriage is executed with a hydraulic cylinder at the same time. It has been determined that the hydraulic motor no longer reaches its specified speed during the processing operation. The characteristic pump curve needs to be measured in order to rule out the possibility of a defective hydraulic pump.




Hydraulic Circuit Diagram


a) Set pressure to the specified values and enter the measured flow rates to the table.


Recording the characteristic curve


Fully open the throttle at one-way flow control valve. Pressure values, which can be read from pressure gauge 1Z1, are adjusted by slowly closing the throttle.



System pressure p [bar] 1Z1 Flow rate q [l/min.]
10 bar 2.37
20 bar 2.35
30 bar 2.33
40 bar 2.30
50 bar 2.28
56 bar 0.03




















b) Transfer the values to the characteristic pump curve.




c) Discuss the characteristic curve for the pump?



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