This assignment entails Labor protest in the United States. There is also a description of  economic, social and political conditions during 1870-1910.

Labor protest in the United States : political conditions during 1870-1910

Assignment/Labor protest in the United States during the period 1870-1910 developed during a period of general prosperity. Reconcile this apparent paradox, remaining aware of economic, social, and political conditions during this time period. Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Your essays should normally  chosen from the lists below. Essays should be between 1,500- 2,000 words long, should e footnoted and have an appropriate bibliography. My expectation is that you will use the readings provided – assigned and recommended – as a basis for your bibliography.Your essay will be marked according to the Grading Scale detailed in your syllabus.

Labor protest in the United States : political conditions during 1870-1910

Pay attention to the rubric: you will notice that to achieve higher marks you will have to read beyond the literature we have provided, so familiarise yourself with the library! Essays require that you interpret primary source evidence in historical context, drawing from the assigned course readings. All of your papers must: ▪ Closely analyze and describe primary sources using specifics and details. Use scholarly secondary source texts for evidence about the historical context; ▪ Select evidence to prove a thesis;

Labor protest in the United States : political conditions during 1870-1910

Additionally, Draw conclusions beyond those that  immediately obvious from the evidence. Then,  Write a paper that has a clear thesis, evidence organized into logical paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use correctly formatted footnote citations. Essays should also: ▪ Consider different perspectives on a problem or controversy related to Modern US History and attempt to reach a resolution about it. (Global Engagement). Appreciate that U.S. history cannot  understood in isolation from people and events from around the world. (Global Awareness). Recognize that history is comprised of multiple stories, representing diverse experiences and perspectives (Global Perspective). Construct an evidence-based argument that integrates multiple perspectives on an issue in Modern US History. (Global Perspective).

Detailed Instructions


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