Although they’re no longer toddlers, 6- and 7-year-olds continue to grow rapidly in their language and reading skills. Their vocabulary is exploding as they learn five to 10 words every day (and sometimes it feels like they’re on a mission to say them all before bedtime!).
The Assignment
After reading our course materials, chapter 7, discuss the following:
Research books written for children eight-, Nine-, and ten-year-olds. Select, read, and tell us (in two sentences at least) about each book.  Comment on your peers selection of books.  Have you read any of the books chosen by you or a peer before?  Were you eight, nine or ten?  What do ou think of the books chosen by peers?
Grading Criteria: See attached rubric for grading criteria
Discussion Board Rubric.doc Discussion Board Rubric.doc – Alternative Formats