Leadership Analysis For your portfolio project, choose a current political leader

Detailed Instructions


You will provide background information on your chosen leader, explain how they came to power, describe the source and extent of their power, describe their leadership style (i.e. transactional, transformational), and describe and evaluate at least two decisions they have made since coming to power. Required Elements Introduction with a Thesis Statement Background Information: Family and early life Education Professional background Influences Rise to Power: Why did the leader seek powe?

More about this task:

The paper will provide a leadership analysis of a prolific leader like Vladimir Putin, a current political leader of Russia. The discussion may include the background information of Vladimir Putin including the childhood, education, and the conception of his leadership career to the point of ascending to power. In addition, the paper will consider exploring the source as well as the extent of his power. Putin’s leadership style will be identified and examples made since he ascended to power within the identified style of leadership. Another section that will be explored included the possible and actual reasons for the leader seeking power in Russia. The details discussed in this paper will be used in the portfolio project.

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