Leadership and communication: What are you learning about the way you express yourself through verbal communication?

By the end of the Leadership and Communication course, you will be expected to write a four-part reflection paper. This paper will help you focus on your experience and insights from the course. This includes what you have experienced about your working style; how you work with others; insights you have gained regarding conversations and interactions you have with friends, family, coworkers and others; as well as strategies you will use to improve your chances for success. 
Paper Requirements:
• The paper should be 4–7 typed pages (1500–2500 words) in length. 
• All papers must be typed and doublespaced. The following are the recommended fonts: Times, Times New Roman, or Palatino in 12 point. 
• Use one-inch margins on all sides. 
• Include a heading at the top of your paper with your name, course name, instructor name, assignment, and date. Go down four lines and give your paper a creative title. Center the title and use BOLD font. Do not use all caps or any fancy fonts for the title. You do not need a title page. Clearly label each of the four parts of the paper.
Grading Criteria: In grading your paper, four areas will be considered:
• Is your paper organized, coherent, and carefully thought out?
• Do you have both a strong introduction and conclusion? 
• Have you thoroughly addressed all questions in the assignment? 
• Is your paper properly formatted and does it meet the minimum length requirement?

Keep in mind, the goal of the paper assignment is to reinforce reflection on your experience in the course. It is not primarily about writing a college term paper, traditionally defined. You should give sufficient time to complete a draft of the paper and have time to revise and polish your writing before submitting. 
Review all four parts outlined below, keeping in mind that you should start writing on each part as you complete that topic in the course of study. Be concise, clear, and authentic in your writing. Use the paper as a means to explore your experience, consolidate insights, and start thinking about how you are going to use this course to improve your chances of success in the future. 
Paper Parts and Sub-Parts
Part 1: Working Style 
The first part of the paper focuses on your working style and what you have learned about how you work with others. Write replies to the questions in the following two sub-parts: 
• Reflect on your working style using your working style score and the information you have received about working styles. What are your strengths? What are your challenges? How do you learn best? If your assessment of your style was different than the computer assessment (your spider diagram), then which assessment reflects you better, and why? 
• Describe the working styles you would look for in a teammate whom you would choose to help you complete a class project. What are the strengths of that working style and how would that style help you complete a successful project?

Part 2: Communication 
The second part of the paper focuses on your experience with the different modes of communication explored in the laws of conversation and the conversation meter. Write replies to the questions in the following three sub-parts: 
• Relate your experiences of conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and others noting the listening modes(i.e., pretense, sincerity, accuracy, or authenticity) you prefer to use. Describe your experiences of these listening modes in various situations and with different people. What are you learning about the way you listen? What have you learned about how you listen that affects your relationships? 
• Write about your experiences of conversations with various people and in varying situations noticing what talking modes(i.e., pretense, sincerity, accuracy, or authenticity) you use. What are you learning about the way you express yourself through verbal communication? What have you learned about the ways in which your talking modes affect your relationships? 
• Finally, how have your listening and talking modes created cycles of waste and value in your relationships and in your life? How do you plan to use new communication modes to decrease cycles of waste and increase cycles of value?

Part 3: Strategies 
The third part of the paper focuses on the learning strategies that will best help you succeed in light of your identified strengths and weaknesses. The final group meeting will have more information on learning strategies, tips, and ideas that you may find useful in planning out your learning strategies. Use the four sentence stems below to help organize your thoughts into a preliminary strategy plan. (Have this available for the last group meeting.): 
• The learning habits and skills I need to become an excellent student are: 
• The learning habits and skills I already have are: 
• The learning habits and skills I need to develop are: 
• The plan I have for developing and sustaining the learning habits I need to develop is:

Part 4: Assessment
Reflect on your overall experience in the course and then answer the following questions: 
1. What did you learn from these exercises? 
2. What was challenging in these exercises? 
3. Were these exercises valuable to you, even if they were challenging?

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