Week 4 Case Study: Leading Change in the Church

This assignment is a 750-1000 word written paper. This word count applies specifically to the substance of your paper.  Title pages, headings, citations, and bibliographies DO NOT count toward this total.

The Scenario

You lead an established, grassroots, volunteer driven, Christian Church in which you have the freedom to implement changes without going to a denominational board.  The Church may or may not have a board of elders with whom to work. The congregation has existed for 20 years and considers itself somewhat traditional. A weekend service (including a sermon, Christian music, the Lord’s Supper and prayer), Bible school classes for kids, Adult Bible studies and a mid-week service highlight your weekly activities. The church offers a food pantry to help those in the community. The congregation grew rapidly in its early years but for the past 5-10 years this growth has stalled.

The Leadership Issue

After initially thriving, for the past decade the church has struggled with two primary issues: 1) enlisting volunteers–motivating them and keeping them engaged, and 2) attracting visitors and getting them integrated into the church.

Your task in this assignment is to create a vision for addressing the church’s two primary issues. The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to draw principles from this week’s assigned readings that address how to challenge the process.  Based on the readings in Kotter, and Kouzes and Posner, as well as the Rainer article, create a plan for some changes to address the issues, as well with some steps for its implementation.  In a written report of 750-1000 words, the student will comment on (1) a plan to address the issues and (2) how to implement changes based on the course texts.  Be creative in creating plans/ideas to the address the issues; however, be sure to draw on the course texts regarding how to Challenge the Process and how to implement change.

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