The assignment talks about Legalization of Marijuana in Canada. Additionally, there is a description of Organization Audience Engagement. So, analyze and present an issue  in Canadian culture.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada – Organization Audience Engagement

Firstly, the focus of your oral presentation is to research, analyze and present an issue  in Canadian culture, history, politics, or current affairs. Secondly, you’ll work in a group with other students on one of the topics listed at the bottom of the page.

To help you prepare for your presentation, use the following guidelines. Also, gather information on your topic through library research.  Additionally, narrow the topic to a specific question that will allow you to present different

points of view and that can be reasonably covered in the allotted time.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada – Organization Audience Engagement

§  Go beyond a factual presentation; in other words, although your presentation should be informative, it should not be limited to a descriptive list of facts, details or information, but should PRESENT A THESIS and aim for a critical analysis of the issue that encourages debate and reflection.

  • Include your own perspective on the topic in a way that reflects the diversity of

insights you have gained from your research.

§  Be prepared to answer questions from the audience or to ask the audience questions and to lead class discussion after the presentation.

  • Use your own words: Copying wording from your research sources is plagiarism!
  • Submit a transcript of your presentation to the Turnitin link on the course Moodle site, by the time of your presentation. This can be in point form and doesn’t have to match what you say in the presentation word for word, but it must include everything you say – i.e. it must not be just a summary. At the end of your transcript, include a list of research sources you will use in your presentation.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada – Organization Audience Engagement

You have 25 minutes for your presentation. After that, there will be about 15 minutes for discussion. Good presentations include good audience participation. As a member of the audience, prepare to be an active listener and contribute to the discussion afterwards.

Arrive to class on time for your presentation; otherwise a late penalty will be applied. Do not arrive late to other people’s presentations.

 Legalization of Marijuana in Canada – Organization Audience Engagement

This presentation is worth 15% of your final grade. You will be evaluated on: the quality of your research; preparation and organization; knowledge of the topic; language use (including pronunciation and grammar); fluency; audience engagement (including after-presentation discussion); body language; and your responses to other groups’ presentations.

Detailed Instructions


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