Life Markers and Values


· What one book most stands out for you as having a great influence on you life?

 When did you read this book and what was going on in your life?

 Is there a character in this book that had an influence as well?

 What were the values that you took away from the book?

 The character(s)?
· What one movie, of all the movies you have seen, has had the greatest impact on your life?

 What was going on in your life when you saw this movie


 What about the characters in the movie?


 What values did you see in this movie (and characters) and how did they affect you?

· Name the one person in your life who has had or does have the greatest influence on your life? What values or life lessons did or does this person offer to you? Is there a story around this?

· What are the core values that you hold and where or how do you come to have them?


 Have these values changed over time?


 What was one event (experience) in your life that most challenged or caused you to stop and think about your values? 

What did this event do for your values – did you hold firm to your values or did you cave in to external pressures? Tell your story.

· What would you describe as an “ethical organization?”

 What do you believe are the factors for such an organization to be ethical?