This assignment focuses on Linguistic anthropology analysis. There is also an analysis of Bilingual/Multilingual communities.

Linguistic anthropology analysis : Bilingual/Multilingual communities

YOU ARE THE RESEARCHER/PROFESSOR                            

This research project is your opportunity to explore an area of linguistic anthropology that fascinates you. So,you will be conducting research and presenting your results in paper format.



·         Select a topic from our syllabus to explore in more depth or negotiate with Alina for another topic.  Your study needs to be within the parameters of this course. 

·         Develop your research question.  (What do you want to know about this topic?)

·         Find information about your topic from various types of sources: articles, books, videos/DVDs, and observations; however, at least two of these sources must be academic sources (questions?  Please come and talk to me!).  Take notes on your information, but write them in your own words. Cite your sources. Give credit in your paper to the people who shared their information with you.

 Linguistic anthropology analysis : Bilingual/Multilingual communities

Write an 8-10 page typed paper (double spaced) to summarize your project.

           Your paper will include these elements:

Firstly,   Introduction to your topic and your question

Secondly,  Discussion of what you learned

       Thirdly, Conclusion

Fourthly,   Works Cited/References/Bibliography

Please use the MLA format for your paper.




1.      BILINGUAL/MULTILINGUAL communities or nations:  Study a community or nation and explain who uses which language and why. Also, explain the social implications of using these languages.


2.      ENGLISH ONLY or the ENGLISH PLUS movement:  Study the history of one of these movements.  Explain how and why it began. So, Using recent articles, predict the future of this movement.


3.      GLOBAL ENGLISH:  Research the varying forms of English as it is used (officially) in other parts of the world. For example, you can compare English in two or three areas, such as:  Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia, and the South Pacific.


4.      AAVE:  African-American Vernacular English.  There is still much to discover about this topic. 


5.      SAPIR-WHORF HYPOTHESIS:  We have talked about this hypothesis, but you can go into more depth with your study.  This topic is central to any study of language and culture.

Detailed Instructions


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