In this assignment you are required to submit a 500-600 word review of the three articles “The Magic of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – In Search of the Genie’s Lamp in Multicultural
Education” by Nawang Phuntsong, “Transforming Practice in Urban Schools” by Etta Hollins, and “The EPIC Leadership Development Program Evaluation Report.” The front matter (title page and abstract page) and the back matter (References Cited, Appendices, etc) do not count towards the word limit.
All three articles should be concisely reviewed within this paper.
Include the following elements in your critique:
1. Summary – Provide a brief overview of each article, its intended audience, and its
2. Critique – Analyze the article’s strengths and weaknesses, providing evidence to support
your opinions.
3. Reflection – Explain various ways that you could incorporate the ideas expressed in the articles into your teaching methods. Also, explain how the ideas demonstrate Christian principles in teaching.
Format the reviews in the current 7th Ed. APA style.