SOC203: Living Sociology


(a) Read the articles below:

1. “Woman who made comments about race charged with public nuisance, acting against racial harmony”. (Channel News Asia, 18 June 2021). cid=fbcna&fbclid=IwAR1kamAbOsIsNbaDcD9tv7uZDI6wgPyQrPBF9zloC0ia6UIXK-BaSyk0qA

2. “Police investigating viral video of woman banging a gong while the neighbor was performing prayer ritual”. (Today Online, 10 June 2021).

3. “Woman seen without a mask in viral videos asks court for ‘immunity as a citizen’ due to ‘past SAF cases”. (Today Online, 15 June 2021).

4. “Racial preferences cross the line into racism when overt and imposed on others, says Shanmugam”. (The Straits Times, 10 June 2021).

The articles above show how various infringements have been made that seem to undermine Singapore’s multiracial, multicultural social fabric and social order; and the state’s response to these infringements. How would the sociological imagination help you make sense of the situations here and the state’s response to these? Given your knowledge of the various sociological perspectives, explain why some others may have differing views.

Your essay should apply relevant theories and concepts from the course. You can include insights from your broader understanding of the issue in Singapore. Further research may be needed to support your argument.

(N.B.: You are advised to write 750 words to adequately tackle part a, and 250 words for part b.)

(b) Some of the ‘offenders’ are made to undergo psychiatric assessment to assess for possible underlying reasons related to mental health that may have contributed to them making the infringements. How may the public feel about punishing someone whose actions may be due to certain mental health challenges? Using social research methods, explain and evaluate how a researcher can collect data about this aspect of the issue.