This course includes weekly assignments that will build toward the presentation of a strategic plan focused on meeting a specific need or problem in your local community (i.e., city, village, township, or county).  The first element of this plan is to identify several potential issues (i.e., needs or problems) by exploring information about your community.  Your community is defined as your neighborhood, your village, your city, or your county.

The focus of your thinking should be on issues that are related to the knowledge you have and how that knowledge can be used to create a plan to meet those needs.  In other words, a student with a Business degree will look toward issues that a business can address, whereas a Human Services student might address the same problem with a different kind of plan.
In this case, the focus is on or about “Leadership & Ministry”.

Read the following document on research in communities:  Community Study Guide
Read the resource “Complete Guide to Strategic Planning.” For this assignment, focus on the “Assess” sections.  This document will be used throughout the course as you continue to work on your Strategic Plan:  Complete Guide to Strategic Planning

Review and analyze local newspapers, community websites, and other sources for information regarding specific needs or problems.
In a one-page assignment, detail at least 3 specific community issues, needs, or problems.  Include the following:
1. An explanation of the issue (families in need of food)
2. The people impacted by the need or problem (families affected by COVID)
3. Sources from which you learned of the issue  (how you know)