For today’s assignment, you have 2 options however it is recommended to practice both.

Choose one of the following options as your assignment today:

  • Option 1 [Challenging]
    • Use the tips dataset and apply a logistic regression model to the tips dataset. Bin a continuous variable (tips column into 3 different categories).
    • Your 3 categories for your continuous variable will be:
      • Bad Tipper
      • Good Tipper
      • Excellent Tipper
    • Also, create a linear regression that predicts the tips column as well.
    • Compare your results from the linear and logistic regression using the following criteria:
      • If your predicted regression is exceeding 10% tolerance (error) then consider it a false prediction, otherwise, it is true.
      • Example: If the actual value is $1 and your prediction is [0.9, 1.10] this is true, otherwise it is false.
      • Compare the false prediction between your classification and regression models and see which one performed better.
  • Option 2 [Basic]
    • Choose a dataset that has not been used in the Bootcamp.
      • Your dataset cannot have all numerical columns.
      • Do not spend more than 30 minutes looking for your dataset.
    • Choose a target for classification.
    • Perform data cleaning, EDA, and preprocessing techniques when applicable before creating your model.
    • Report your accuracy, recall, and precision on your test set at the end.

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