This assignment focuses on Major learning theories analysis. There is also a description of today’s students in PK-12 classrooms. So,explain how that theory is relevant or important in education.

Major learning theories analysis : today’s students in PK-12 classrooms

For this task, acknowledging the diversity of students today, identify one particular challenge that interests you as it relates to today’s students in PK-12 classrooms.  Your reading from Chapter 1 discusses several types of students from cultural differences, learning styles, disabilities, and whether or not English is their first language. Keep these in mind for your paper this week. 

Your assignment is to write a paper in which you analyze one of the three major learning theories: constructivism, behaviorism, or cognitivism. Then, explore why learning theory is at the core of effective models of teaching. Include the following in your paper: 


Major learning theories analysis : today’s students in PK-12 classrooms


  Offer an overview using a chart or narrative format of your chosen theory. So,the overview should include the definition and general implications of the theory;

2.  Identify at least one prominent theorist associated with your chosen theory and describe the contributions of that theorist;

3.  Explain how that theory is relevant or important in education and offer at least two examples of teaching approaches associated with your chosen theory.

4.  Identify a particular area of student diversity (e.g., English Language Learners, gifted and talented, special education, disabilities, homeless) and then analyze the implications of the theory for a certain teaching practice as it relates to the type of student diversity you identified. 

Detailed Instructions

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