Management and Business Context: Demonstrating Contextual Knowledge


Your group will take on the role of a team of consultants tasked with helping an organisation to improve their business, with a specific focus on one key contextual factor. Your group will be allocated an organisation, and you can then choose one of the following contextual factors to focus on:

·         Regional Economic Issues

·         Globalisation

·         Cross Cultural Management

Your group will prepare a 20 minute presentation and a 2000 word report that outlines the contextual factor, and provides clear recommendations for how the organisation could utilise this factor to improve their business. Your presentation should also demonstrate that these recommendations are well justified, and this justification should be presented in the report.

The marking criteria is also provided on the Moodle site as a separate document, however, your assessment will be marked based on how well it addresses the following areas:

Students are to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by:

·         Defining relevant terms, theories and concepts presented in topics 1-11

·         Utilising the specific regional or international contextual factor chosen, explaining key details and assessing the impact on the firm or organisation

·         Demonstrating a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 12-16 academic sources.

·         Correctly using of the APA in text referencing system to correctly citing academic sources.

·         Delivering a concise and structured presentation with introduction, main presentation and conclusion.

·         Effectively using audio visual tools and verbal communication, and staying within the time allocation (15 mins per group)

·         Presenting key findings in a business presentation to expected professional standards.

·         Working in a collaborative and effective manner as a team.


These are the minimum requirements as outlined in the marking criteria. However, students should note that satisfactorily meeting the minimum requirements will typically only result in the minimum pass grade being awarded. Higher grades will be awarded for students that exceed these minimum requirements. See the marking criteria for further details.

Possible sol:

Telstra remain top leader in the market across the globe with its various innovation and business activities adopted by the organization. Telstra is always being the leading supplier in the telecommunication market and established its brand image in other countries. Globalisation is the integral part which is strategically used to position the company in a positive reflection in the market in successfully establishing its brand image to key audience across the world. In this report, we will be discussing about the milestones of globalization of Telstra and overall strategic developments used by the organization.

1.  Introduction to Telstra

Telstra gives versatile media communication services, broadband, information and Internet, administration of Information Technology for expert clients, publicizing, finding information services. The standard concentration is the homes and associations in Australia and broad support of various bearers, publicizing and carriage pro communities and ISPs. It is Australia’s driving media interchanges and information organizations association and Expanding Operating Margin. The organization gives circulated processing organizations to pretty much nothing and medium associations through its Telstra Business portion.


1.1.    Telstra business structure

Agreeing with the execution of the national competition policy of 1990, In 1997 the government privatised Telstra partially (Marshall, Taylor, & Yu, 2005).

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