Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need support to help me learn.

The project involves studying the IT infrastructure of a relevant information system (IS)/ information technology (IT) used by selecting any organization of your choice locally or internationally

The idea is to investigate the selected organization using the main components of IT (Hardware, software, services, data management and networking). Infrastructure Investigation, which is in a selected industry, should be carried out by using articles, websites, books and journal papers and /or interviews. In the report, you are expected to discuss:

The chosen company is [SABIC]

only question 11 in part 2

11. Suggestions for the company (3 Marks)

Design or choose a system to help the company solve its main problems. State the following:

The new system name (1)

Its features (1)

Problems that will be solved (1)

(If the system that the company uses is successful and does not need to be changed, you can mention that (1), mention its features (1), and mention the problems that it solved or prevented from happening (1).)