The assignment concentrates on Managing and Maintaining Professional relationships. Also, there is a description of Employee Retention problems in Sports. So, analyse and interpret industry-related evidence.

Managing and Maintaining Professional relationships – Employee Retention problems in Sports

Description. Firstly, this academic research needs to be highly referenced in academic studies. Harvard referencing. Secondly, set up one section of reference and use Harvard referencing. Thirdly, take sure it is totally plagiarism-free academically acceptable and answers all the questions clearly. Also, apply the skills of research-based approaches to identifying a solution to a pre-defined problem or task within an organization. Firstly, analyse and interpret industry-related evidence and data in working upon a pre-defined problem or task with an organization. Secondly, employ a balanced and logical argument to support proposed solutions to the problem or task agreed with an organization.

Managing and Maintaining Professional relationships – Employee Retention problems in Sports

B3: Demonstrate intellectual flexibility and openness in identifying suitable solutions to a problem or task agreed with the organization. Indicative content (Industry Related project Research skills Managing and maintaining professional relationships Maintaining currency of industry knowledge Self-awareness Personal development Employability skills IMPORTANT 2 notes ******** Why did workers leave? Talk about, that maybe salary isn’t satisfying, they treat their employees unfairly, there are bad working conditions? Are there environmental problems? What can Human resources do about it? What are they doing right now about it?

Managing and Maintaining Professional relationships – Employee Retention problems in Sports

Analyze how it went down. Maybe have a look at indeed job reviews to see employees’ comments about salary and treatment . do research about why there is high staff turnover and why lots of people are leaving. In sports direct, they have lots of 0-hour contracts. That means employees are unsure what hours, days and how many hours they will work a week therefore it means that working in Sports Direct is unstable. In Sports Direct you can mostly find Managers with the full-time contracts. That means managers have all the power and control over the business of their stores. Is there a problem with the way managers are managing their employees and store? and include everything that will make this paper very good. use headings, findings, conclusions, and references. write and use most words in findings and very little in headings.

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